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Default Re: Bert Sugar's 100 Greatest Fighters(What Do You Think?)

Originally Posted by BoxingGlove1 View Post
Don't compare Langford to Jimmy. Most of Langford loss record is due to throwing fights and having to carry fighters due to not wanting them to scare away, whole different situation. Langford could be the best of all time.
Sure. How about all the other great fighters my point applies for, then?

Charles was pretty consistet and should of been the LHW champ for years. He was more consistet than Jimmy and was the better fighter!
Charles lost a higher percentage of his fights than McLarnin, which makes him less consistent. And believe it or not, McLarnin in his prime was actually facing and beating a higher level of opposition consistently than Charles, or pretty much any fighter I can think of, for that matter. Charles's edge in the resume department is due to his larger number of fights, nothing more.

You need to re-think your stance on McLarnin.
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