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Default Re: Bert Sugar's 100 Greatest Fighters(What Do You Think?)

Originally Posted by BoxingGlove1 View Post
Whitaker and Monzon fought no were near the oppostion? WHAT???

Whiatker fought Nelson, Chavez, Trinidad, De La Hoya, Vasquez(53-1),

Monzon fought Napoles, Benvanuti, Grriffith x2, Briscoe,
As if I'm unaware of their accomplishments.

Let's compare that to McLarnin's resume, shall we?

McLarnin beat: Barney Ross, Tony Canzoneri, Lou Ambers, Young Corbett III, Pancho Villa, Bily Petrolle, Kid Kaplan, Bud Taylor, Sammy Mandell, Sammy Fuller, Benny Leonard, Joe Glick, Sid Terris, Jackie Fields, Fidel LaBarba, etc.

You wanna try again?
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