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Default Re: Bert Sugar's 100 Greatest Fighters(What Do You Think?)

Originally Posted by BoxingGlove1 View Post
You need to rethin your stance. Jimmy was inconsistet FACT! His wins over Villa and Leonard should mean to much either as Leonard was shot and Villa was ill.
True, they were still good wins, though. Just not as good as they could've been. He was not inconsistent at all. He lost a few fights here and there, but ONLY AGAINST THE BEST OPPOSITION, all of whom he would later beat in rematches. An inconsistent fighter is one who regularly phones in performances or loses to less than satisfactory fighters, while at other times competing with the very best. He was a fighter who occasionally lost only to the very best in competitive matches. You have no argument here.

He did have some great wins, but most of his wins, that fighter also beat him.
You're beginning to sound like a broken record. I'd just give it up if I were you.

You ever laced on a glove? and actually boxed in a ring?
Yes. Remind me what that has to do with anything at all?
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