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Default Re: Do You Think Jack Dempsey Is Overrated?

Originally Posted by BoxingGlove1 View Post
Alot of people seem to think Dempsey was a amazing ATG. But I have my douts.
To take your points in turn.

He drew the colour line. Didn't fight his number #1 contender who was contender for over 5 years in Harry Willis. Also wound't give Greb, Langford, or Johnson fights.
Your criticism is valid when it comes to Wills and Greb.

It is not relevant when it comes to Langford and Johnson. They were so far gone that they were lucky that he didn't fight them.

Made 6 defences of his title which is impresive, but the opponets weren't really that impressive which included the circus act and extremely limeted luis firpo, who nearly knocked him out. the much smaller Carpentier.

Billy Maske and Bill Brennan, who i don't think deserved to be in there with him and had already been defeated by Greb going into that fight.
While we can criticise all of these choices of title challengers they were all top fightersof the era, and would probably all have been ranked in the top five if there had been ring magazine rankings.

He also took the title off possibly the worst champion in circus act Jess Willard. And was invovled in weak era of heavyweights.
Jess Willard?

A bit of an enigma.

While he was not one of the greatest of all the heavyweight champions he would have been an absolute nighmare for most of them in a fight to the finish.

How many heavyweight champions could have done what Dempsey did to him?

Few to none.

And never defended the title for 3 YEARS. and comeback and was beaten by tunney twice.
Verry valid criticism.

Dempsey was a great fighter, but i don't really see what all the fuse is about.

What is the fuss about?

Dempsey the idea is more than any champion could ever live up to.

He is the ultimate male ego projection.

The baddest thing on two legs since Tyrannosaurus rex.
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