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Default Re: Do You Think Jack Dempsey Is Overrated?

Are we talking legacy or head to head? Legacy wise he may be somewhat overrated but head to head I don't think so. There have been a few champions that didn't have such a good resume as champion but were ATG's nonetheless. I always felt Larry Holmes had a mediocre reign and possibly ducked a few fighters but there's no doubt of his greatness as a boxer. Joe Louis made 25 title defenses but only 2 were against black fighters and very few would question his ability as a fighter which is why I tend to rate fighters on a head to head basis. HTH I feel Dempsey rates rather high. He is one of the old timers that would be trouble for any champion to come after him (At his best of course). If we are to drop Dempsey down a few pegs based on his reign as champion then let's face it, there's a few more ATG's that would have to follow him.
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