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Default Re: Boxing's Top 10 Hardest Punchers list

Originally Posted by Dempsey1238 View Post
Think's Rockys power should be in the top 6 about and not at 9.

Pre Champship rein, He most often than not ko a man with one shot as the Layne and Walcott and Matthews fights show. Of couse once he won the title, he adopted a more wear them down style.

I would indeed put him over Ruddock imo.

Think Shavers is over rated in this regard, sure he kos journymen level, but once he got to the elite level, his power failed more often than not, were Marciano, Louis and Liston were a lot more consisted in this regard imo.
And he's a big Rocky fan.

A punchers list is one of the toughest list to come up with because of many varying intangibles.
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