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Default Julio Cesar Chavez's most creditable win?

I am in need of some education regarding J.C.

I've only seen the handful of his highest-profile fights (maybe half a dozen) and some highlight reels.

It's commonly held that much of Chavez's record is built on fluff. However, it's also commonly held that he was in fact a capable H2H fighter whose ATG status is not disputed even by those who deride the first decade of his resume.

I also understand that his biggest wins (and losses - and draw ) are not without their controversy. Taylor obviously came within agonizingly close reach of widely outpointing him before the ultimately divisive stoppage. Whitaker is widely believed to have won their fight. He lost to Randall on the sole basis of a foul point deduction; then avenged this loss immediately thereafter - and once more much later. DLH and Tszyu are criticized for beating up an old man past his best.

So my question is; what would Classic Forum consider to be Chavez's "signature win" - where he clearly and unambiguously proved himself the better man against a high quality opponent?

Camacho? The Taylor rematch?

Some other name on his record I'm not familiar with, who's better than they look on paper?
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