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Default Re: Clottey-Collazo purse bid YUCK

Originally Posted by Motor City Sam
You make a good point, AD. When people ask me how much boxers make, I usually answer, "not enough". For every million dollar purse there are hundreds of guys fighting for no more than a couple of hundred bucks per round, if that.

17.5 K is going to disppear fast one the expenses and taxes are taken out.
I agree to an xtent with wat was said, But i do think you can make money in boxing. Collazo not really a good name, a decent boxer but he is not a "household name" i mean 17.5 is kind of low. But he aint really nobody. 2 me I think boxers can make it big, but you just have to take the right steps as in any sport.

Same ****, like Basketball some people have to join teh NBDL be4 they can make the NBA, or some players do the over seas route be4 they make it big. And then you ahve some players that come str8 in movie up in rank to get title shots.

Same in boxing some fighters have good amateur careers, get hired by a promotion company and they put them in positions to make it big. Others dont really have a good amateur career, so they might still get an agent but wont get pushed to fight top opposition as yet, (NBDL scenerio)
and some actually fight overseas to get exposure. The money is there, fighters just need to put themself in a position to get it. IMO
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