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Default Re: Could Floyd Mayweather beat a prime Meldrick Taylor?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
The one area where Taylor is significantly lacking in comparison is the one that I think turns this fight in favor of Floyd. Intelligence.

I simply think Floyd is too adaptable to lose to a fighter as flawed as Taylor, regardless of his physical qualities. Mayweather is not so very far behind him physically that his technical and strategical edges would be nullified. I rather see it the other way around. Over 12 rounds I'd probably favor Floyd in a very close, but deserved decision.
Not a chance, at 140 (Pre-Chavez + Chavez fight) Taylor is Money's very worst nightmare, Money would'nt have time 2 ****in breath, he has'nt no where near the power/speed too hold off Meldrick, talk about under siege at warp speed.

TAYLOR MADE CHAVEZ LOOK LIKE A ****IN TORTOISE, he was useing Julio's melon head as a speed ball never seen ****-all like him in my life & too watch him live WOW, Floyd does not have any answers for this feller except RUN & RUN some more THEN/TODAY OR IN YOUR DREAMS
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