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Default Re: Holyfield...Did he just have Tyson's number?

Pardon? Its not an excuse, its his fault, what kind of excuse would that be? Its just stating a fact.

You cant tell me that you dont think his skills declined.
His skills did not decline, whether he elected to use them the same upper bodymovment is his fault and its not a knock on why Holyfield won.

When you look at the intangibles on this fight everything is either even or stacked in Mike's favour but Tyson fans would have you believe its the opposite even though Holyfield has been in many hard fights, was older than Mike and was coming off two terrible performances.

Is there anyone in Boxing who was more equipped stylistically to to deal with what Tyson brough to the table on any night ? because id suggest there aren't many, that should tell you something about why he (Holyfield) won.
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