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Default Re: Holyfield...Did he just have Tyson's number?

Originally Posted by gooners!! View Post
Mike was not inactive. Here come more excuses about how many rounds Boxed

Also i dont think Holyfield's tools were sharpened by getting beat up by Rid**** Bowe do you?

hindsight after the fact is great but Mike was favourite to win for a reason.

If Holyfield got beat by Tyson there is no waay you people would be giving Holyfield the benefit of the doubt for the things you are giving Mike the benefit of the doubt for and you know it.
Im not making an excuse for Tyson, but if you cant see the difference between how he fought before and after prison this arguement is worthless. Holyfield was still active enough to have his timing and ability to fight a tough grueling fight. He wasnt getting beat up either. He lost to Bowe, but in a fight he almost won. Where else was he getting beat up?
Lewis always gets credit for his advancement under Steward, but noone wants to hear about Tyson's skills diminishing after he got away from Rooney and went to jail and really his skills starting eroding after the Spinks fight.
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