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Default Re: Holyfield...Did he just have Tyson's number?

Originally Posted by gooners!! View Post
Its not that i cant see it, its that you wanna bring everything!!! back to that to make your point and that is irrelevant imo, because Tyson and Holyfield fought each other at a stage where they were on a par physically or like id argue Mike was in better shape than Holyfield.

He was getting a right shellacking towards the end of the Bowe fight it was a very tough fight and he ended up face down on the canvas at one point.

Thats because when you discuss Mike its tied in with him being the best HW that ever lived by fans that dismiss all his shortcoming and overrate him, is it any wonder people want to keep a perspective on things when talking about Mike's career.
Well I dont agree that they were on the same par physically. Holyfield was mentally stronger and physically more prepared to fight a tough long fight. Tyson was not landing on Holyfield like Rid**** Bowe was in their fight. Rid**** Bowe was also a great fighter that although declining himself, was still active and under the guidance of Eddie Futch and still equipped with way better skills than Tyson had at that point.
To me Tyson did have some of the best skills ever, but that doesnt mean he was the greatest fighter. His career is ultimately how he will be judged, and I think he left a lot on the table.
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