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Default Re: Holyfield...Did he just have Tyson's number?

Originally Posted by gooners!! View Post
Wether i think Holyfield was further gone or not he definitely did not have more left than Mike, when they fought.

His record after the Tyson fight is reflective of how past his prime he was because he should of lost to Lewis twice and should never have beaten Ruiz the first 1st time, Ruiz clearly won the fight, Holyfield got dropped in the 2nd fight and then not long after the draw with Ruiz he was getting a Boxing lesson from Byrd, Toney, Donald.
Yeah but that was way after. Holyfield looked spectacular against Moorer and still fought competitively with Lewis. Holyfield was definitely past his best, but he showed more inconsistency. He would look good and then look bad. Also Holyfields style changed as well. He wasnt the same on his toes boxer that he was in the early 90's, a style that I think would have worked better against Lewis.
To me Tyson looked horrible against Mathis, he was missing like crazy and Mathis was nailing him off of counters, and super sloppy against Bruno although the finish was pretty impressive. The only thing Tyson kept after prison was his speed and power, and thats what bailed him out of most of his fights. His timing was terrible and his footwork was all mixed up. Frans Botha was able to outbox him for crying out loud.
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