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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Max Schmeling

Schmeling was an excellent technician and a man who proved to be more than dangerous at times, as a young unsuspecting Joe Louis found out. I do however feel that Rid**** Bowe at the peak of his powers would likely be too much for even the sharpest version of Schmeling.

Bowe was not the most scientific fighter that ever lived, but he also wasn't just some over grown big body who had no skills. This was not Nikolay Valuev that we're talking about. Bowe had a very good infighting game, and a very strong ****nal from both up close and from a distance. He could punch reasonably hard, had a good work rate, could tie a man up, and either get you out early or take it to the cards. He was also in a few wars during his career.

His defense was somewhat weak, but he had a chin that compensated for a lot of it. Max baer was similar in this respect, yet was more crude than Bowe and nowhere near as big. Nevertheless, he stopped Max. I think Bowe would do the same thing, only sooner.
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