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Default Re: Jack Johnson Review

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
You didn't prove a a thing. Sure Jeffries fought smaller guys, he was the biggest ranked heavy in his time. Duh. At least he beat smaller hall of fame guys in Corbett, Fitz, and Sharkey, and unlike Jack Johnson does not need excuses.

No one ever claimed Jeffries was impossible to hit in the ring. That false claim is Johnson's, and I ask you point blank where I can see this type of defense on flim. You go silent.

Now that I have replied to your off tangent questions, lets return to the topic of the thread. Please tell me Johnson's excuses for the following events:

1 ) Getting KO'd cold by a supper middle weight in Choynski!

2 ) Quitting vs Klondike and taking the TKO! - A non hall of fame fighter!

3 ) Losing to Griffin, and not winning one match in the series, yet Jeffries easily beat a more prime version of the same man!

4 ) Losing a high stakes match to the likes of Marvin Hart by putting forth a mediocre effort!

5 ) Getting out jabbed by a past his prime middle and having to settle for a ND vs. middle weight O'Brien even though Box Rec reports a paper felt O'Brien was the better by a shade! This happened as Champion.

6 ) Getting knocked down as champion by a middle in Ketchel!

7 ) Quitting in a scheduled 20 round fight ( source Cyber Boxing Zone ) vs journeyman Jim " battling " Johnson. If you quit with rounds to go, you should lose your title.

8 ) Ducking the best challangers while champion in Langford, McVey, and Jeanette...also not fighting perhpas the best white hope of the times in Gunboat Smith ( Who rung Johnson bell and floored him in a 4 round ehhibition match to point where Johnson's manager had to stop the aciton in that round because he was dazzed and unable to defend himself! ) HA!

Sure Jeffries could have fought Johnson in 1904 to ealry 1905 before Johnson lost to Hart. I'll give you that. However Johnson ducked the three best out there for multiple years, and used the color line worse than any champ I can think of.

Damage control, Mcvey! Damage control!!!!

You're playing checkers while I continue to play chess.
I have never claimed Johnson was impossible to hit ,you must be confusing me with someone else.
In another thread I expressed reservations about how Johnson would handle fast big men of modern times , unlike you I am objective on boxers.
The subject really isnt that important to me to tell the truth, on the other hand ,you are obsessed with Johnson, and nurture an all consuming hatred of him,do me a favour keep it to yourself,you are boring.

You are not playing chess.
You are playing with yourself!
Dont forget the tissues!
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