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Default Re: Jack Johnson Review

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
I have never claimed Johnson was impossible to hit ,you must be confusing me with someone else.
In another thread I expressed reservations about how Johnson would handlre fast big men of modern times , unlike you I am objective on boxers.
The subject really isnt that important to me to tell the truth, on the other hand ,you are obsessed with Johnson, and nurture an all consuming hatred of him,do me a favour keep it to yourself,you are boring.

You are not playing chess.
You are playing with yourself!
Dont forget the tissues!
You quote others. I ask if you believe in these quotes to show me the film! You are obsessed with smearing Jeffires dating back from the time where I gave honest facts about Johnson. The entire board knows it.

You can't reply to my questions. In fact you have to spin them to something else or avoid them. And we both know the minute you have to resort to personal insults or CAPS, that I have you dead to rights. I hope your blood pressure is A-OK Mr. McVey, and by the way " Check. "
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