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Default Re: What did pre-Steward Lewis do better than post-Steward Lewis?

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Yeah, but who didn't know that ?
It was a common criticism of Lewis that every journalist and TV pundit had mentioned over and over again, he telegraphs his right, he "hand-grenades" it, and he's got awkward footing. Everyone knows that a telegraphed punch can be expoited by a straight one thrown at the same time, and with enough power, accuracy and good timing can prove decisive.
Ok, I'll credit McCall for exploiting it so decisively, and Steward for preparing him right, but it wasn't any genius on Manny's part to know that was a weakness worth exploiting.
Steward corrected those mistakes, Correa overlooked them. Thats what fine tuning does for a great fighter, it makes them dominant. The skills have to be there, but Steward has proved he is leagues above his peers.
I also think there was a clear difference in Lewis style after he looked up with Steward. As far as the Rahman fight, that was based more on poor preparation. Lewis was not in the greatest shape, arrived late in South Africa and didnt take the fight seriously, but still his consistency with Steward was far better than the shaky moments he had with Correa.
Lewis looked ordinary against Bruno was knocked out a few fights later against Mcall, which was really his initial descent into fighting the top fighters. With Steward he was dominant on the top level for a good period of time before getting stopped by Rahman.
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