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Default Re: Holyfield...Did he just have Tyson's number?

Originally Posted by Jersey Joe View Post
If Tyson had kept Kevin Rooney, kept training properly, not been distracted by women/money/fame, not gone to jail for ****, then...he wouldn't be Mike Tyson would he? He'd be another person. And since we're judging the actual Mike Tyson vs the actual Evander Holyfield, not a hypothetical perfect alternate reality Tyson without any flaws vs the actual Holyfield warts & all, since the latter would be a ridiculous apples to oranges comparison.

Hey, I have an idea - what if Ali had Tyson's power, Marciano's training discipline, Gene Tunney's IQ and boxing smarts, and Ray Arcel as his personal fight strategist? What if Joe Louis had a granite chin and Jersey Joe Walcott's slickness and WWII had not happened? What if I was an invicincilbe superman who could knock guys out just by looking at them?

Sometimes when talking with Tyson fans I get the impression they think Mike would have been all these things combined, if only he hadn't...{insert random excuse here}.
You have a point of his (and I count myself among them) do tend to go overboard sometimes.
But it is tempting sometimes to think about the Tyson that might have been if he didn't go off the rails.
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