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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Max Schmeling

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius View Post
I don't doubt that Schmeling would win many exchanges and show great technical skill..... but my problem is that i don't think he can stop his opponent here. Holyfield tried three times (twice against an out-of-shape version) and failed. He took a ****load of punishment against Golota, who is not a power puncher perhaps, but definitely heavy handed (and a 6'4 240lbs man), like Schmeling in that sense, but smaller.

Bowe will start connecting from rounds 3 and on, just like he did on the technically superior Holyfield, and even if he lands 1 for 2 of Schmeling's, i think he'll still wear Schmeling down to a stoppage... Max has several early round knockout losses and i don't think he was all THAT durable, even though he did survive Louis' blows in their first bout.
For my money Schmeling hit harder than Holyfield and had better delivery than Golotta. He came prety close to being the first person to stop Paulino Uzcdun with his right hand out of action.

As for Schmeling's durability it should be noted that he was only stopped by Baer and Louis anywhere close to his peak.

I don't know how this would turn out but it would be exciting. Perhaps a bit like Bowe Holyfield III without making any prediction about the outcome.
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