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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Max Schmeling

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius View Post
I don't doubt that Schmeling would win many exchanges and show great technical skill..... but my problem is that i don't think he can stop his opponent here. Holyfield tried three times (twice against an out-of-shape version) and failed. He took a ****load of punishment against Golota, who is not a power puncher perhaps, but definitely heavy handed (and a 6'4 240lbs man), like Schmeling in that sense, but smaller.

Bowe will start connecting from rounds 3 and on, just like he did on the technically superior Holyfield, and even if he lands 1 for 2 of Schmeling's, i think he'll still wear Schmeling down to a stoppage... Max has several early round knockout losses and i don't think he was all THAT durable, even though he did survive Louis' blows in their first bout.
This is a good post. Schmeling definitely will land, but Bowe was a durable guy who could absorb a lot of punishment. To be honest, I think he'd be a bit too big for Schmeling...there is a considerable size difference and Bowe when in shape (which wasn't often) carried 230+ pounds well.
Offensively, Bowe was very good. Good selection of punches, decent mobility, and a good infighter, or from range. Powerful too.
Max is up against it in this one I feel, although he could spring a big surprise. Hey, Tony Tubbs nearly did.
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