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Default Re: Most physically powerful boxer...

I don't know who my choice would be...probably not a heavyweight though, if we're going for pound-for-pound strength.
**** Tiger would seem like a great choice, so maybe him.

On a side note, as far as the big guys go, I think Big George has a great shot of being number one, even with giants like Valuev or Carnera around. A frightening beast of a man in many respects was George.
Paul Anderson or Mariusz Pudianowski were (are) obviously stronger, but they dabbled in boxing and didn't make it a career.

Another choice may seem a bit surprising, but for me Bonecrusher Smith would be in with a shout...not for the top spot, but there or thereabouts.
He always struck me as just a big, really solid guy. I have no evidence to support the pick; I'm just going on little obeservations here and there.
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