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Default Re: What did pre-Steward Lewis do better than post-Steward Lewis?

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
Are you saying Steward was better at motivating or pushing Lewis than Correa was? If so, I don't agree with that. Steward may have done a better job of improving Lewis' skills than Correa, but if anything, I think Correa was actually better at getting Lewis to be aggressive and let his hands go (albeit perhaps to a fault). For example, when Lewis fought Tucker, Correa got him to stay on the attack through most of the fight and not lose focus. When Lewis fought Mercer, Steward kept screaming at him round after round to step up the pace, but Lewis didn't listen and continued to allow Mercer to get off first and take the fight to him. You could see Manny was very uneasy at Lewis having let that fight be so close, and they were very lucky the decision didn't happen to go the other way, which it probably just as well could've. Steward may have done good work with Lewis in preparation for fights, but they did not have a good corner relationship. That was evident from the numerous fights where Steward would keep telling Lewis to do something in the corner, and Lewis would keep going on out and either ignoring him or doing something completely different.

I think Correa's work with Lewis is actually somewhat misunderstood. I agree that he didn't develop Lewis' skills as much as he should've, but out of any trainer Lewis worked with, he best understood the necessity of keeping him motivated and not letting him fall asleep in fights. I'd say he was as good as anyone at lighting a fire under his ass.
Are you people f*cking kidding me?? Lewis didnt have a good corner relationship with him?? Lewis himself will tell you exactly what Im saying about the Mercer fight as being a big turning point in his career. Without Steward yelling at him he would have lost that fight. He will also tell you without Steward he wouldnt have gotten as far as he did.
Secondly, the proof is in the accomplishments. Im saying Steward made him into a complete fighter. With Correa in his corner Lewis was righthand happy off balance bomber. When he started fighting top ten fighters he was inconsistent, the reason he made the change. With Steward he was a calculated balanced fighter, and maybe thats why he was so much consistently better over the course of his career. With Correa in his corner, he looked horrible against Bruno and horrible against Mcall. He never had that kind of a performance again until late in his career after he accomplished so much.
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