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Default Re: What did pre-Steward Lewis do better than post-Steward Lewis?

Originally Posted by sauhund II View Post
Stewart certainly influenced Lewis to protect that so so chin.................and when you think lightning only strkes once it did strike again against borderline journeyman. If Lewis would never had Stewart it stands to reason that he would have more KO losses on his record because in a real firefight it was was always his achilles heel.

Fantasy ? I think not, check out WK before and after Stewart, agressive and actively looking for the KO, now safety first and settle for a onesided decision instead of taking chances. Not a bad strategy, a win is a win no matter how you slice and dice it.

Both WK and Lewis have similar qualities, good jab, size , height, strengh, ok but not great stamina and are good in imposing their will on opponents........but then we also have the chin factor to consider, while not glass but certainly not on a Tyson, Holyfield, Ali Foreman and so on level
Hello!! Thats exactly right! Steward is very good at highlighting a fighters abilities and protecting their deficits. Deep down Lewis was a dog and liked to fight, but he just didnt have the chin for it and while Steward made him more of a safety first type fighter, it was the main reason he accomplished as much as he did.
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