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Default Re: What did pre-Steward Lewis do better than post-Steward Lewis?

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
I agree with pretty much everything you say here, particularly about Manny being overrated. For every fighter he's "transformed" like Lewis and Wlad, there's a fighter he ruined like Taylor and Hamed.

I'd also like to point out, Lewis had already showed much of the boxing technique that Steward gets credit for "teaching" him as an amateur and in his early pro career, but got away from them somewhat after winning the title. Even in his win over Phil Jackson, I felt he boxed about as well as he has in any fight. I don't believe Steward so much taught him new things as much as he simply helped him "regain" things that he had forsaken.
He ruined Taylor and Hamed? Cmon man. He worked with Hamed for what one or two fights?? Oscar Suarez couldnt fix him either, because he was always a technical mess.
Taylor never had stamina, and hes proved that by going back to his original trainer and still losing in the later rounds.
Big difference between Phil Jackson and Ray Mercer or Frank Bruno. Thats the point, Lewis was having a tough time with the better fighters. Phil Jackson was a flash in the pan put into the rankings by Don King.
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