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Default Re: What did pre-Steward Lewis do better than post-Steward Lewis?

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
He didn't have a tough time with Razor Ruddock, nor with Tony Tucker.
With Steward, who did he fight who were actually better than - or even as good as - Ruddock, Tucker, Bruno ?

Bruno was really pumped up for the Lewis fight, and boxed a great fight, he put pressure on Lewis enough to make him look sloppy. A c. 1997-2000 Lewis would probably had similar trouble with that version of Bruno.
Let's be honest, Lewis could look scruffy at times, esp. when retreating under pressure. He had a great instinct for keeping it together though and pulling out the win, on most occasions anyway.
Tucker was an old man. He was competing but inconsistently. While the Ruddock performance was explosive it was hardly a boxing match. Lewis landed a big righthand, albeit sloppy and off balance. Where Lewis showed his deficiencies was when he had to actually fight a thorough fight he couldnt control. Bruno was outjabbing him and outboxing him and Mercer took away Lewis' jab. Shaky close fights, that never happened again under Steward. He went onto to face boxers as good as Mercer and Bruno and never struggled with it again. It was Steward who taught him how to adjust to all styles and all fights, something you have to be prepared for in the ring when plan A doesnt work.
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