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Default Re: Emile Griffith vs. Roberto Duran at 147

I don't think he did match strength with Tiger. I think he was able to hold his own in certain inside exchanges and clinches before Tiger really had a chance to get his feet underneath him and really impose himself. It was an excellent, if very simple, gameplan that Emile often used. For the most part, he just stuck to his typical stick and move behind the jab strategy. Were he to have fought with Tiger for prolonged periods on the inside (A prime Tiger, mind you. Remember he never got within 5 pounds of making the MW limit again) I might agree. As it is, he didn't and I don't think he could.

When you factor in that he simply did not show the kind of strength that you seem to think he posessed in any other bout (in fact he seemed out-muscled by the likes of Luis Rodriguez), it just doesn't add up. I don't think he was any stronger than Duran as a matter of fact, and definitely not as varied or skilled.
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