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Default Re: Emile Griffith vs. Roberto Duran at 147

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
A very real possibility. Griffith must've been tripped up for about a 4 fight period against Rodriguez.

Tiger was always able to impose his strength against men who stood their ground with him, otherwise it took him a minute to get his bearings and really start to impose himself.
I don't agree with this at all. Tiger was well balanced most of the time and very ready to deploy when he closed the distance. I don't see any evidence of his taking a minute to "get his bearings" and I don't think i've seen any top drawer pro fighter struggle this much with a change in distance.

He was a very patient fighter anywhere in the ring, including the inside. Were Griffith to have stood his ground for prolonged periods, as I stated above, it would've proved that he could match strength with a fading **** Tiger. He didn't do that, so he didn't prove it.
Alright, but your basically tossing out exchanges of strength because Griffith didn't stand and punch for extended periods with a bigger man. Doesn't seem logical to me - why not just use what is available on film to break down the fighter? For the record, Gil Clancy:

"I have a picture in my basement that the two of them took together in the gym, and you know, **** was much heavier than Griffith but Griffith had such a big upper body...if you saw the two together you would think Griffith was the heavier."

Griffith: "I was stronger than him inside."

Griffith said this to Clancy, not in public for some press-conference bombast, to Clancy, in private. Clancy replied, "Emile, i've been telling you that for two months."

still arguably lost because he wasn't able to deal with Tiger's strength and fury as well as you seem to think
He arguably won, as well, like on the judges score-cards for example. Presumably because he was able to deal with these things as well as I think.

Most of the clinches from around the 8th were initiated by Griffith. Griffith claims to have felt the stronger of the two in these clinches. That's debateable, but he does very well in them. Either you are right and Tiger couldn't get his feet underneath him for some reason, or I am right and Griffith is a very strong human being.
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