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Default Re: Hagler v Hopkins

Originally Posted by Brighton bomber View Post
I agree that Tito was more a natural light middle but Joppy and Holmes? Now you are altering facts to suit your hypothesis. Joppy has never fought below middle and is the same height as Hagler, while Holmes is 6 feet 2.

I personally give Hopkins the slight edge here. I can't see Hagler outboxing the taller, more mobile Hopkins. And while Hopkins of course won't be able to do a sugar Ray and stay away all night, Hopkins has shown he is very effective on the inside and while at a disadvantage wouldn't be completely overwhelmed in close.
I wouldnt consider Joppy and Holmes big strong middleweights. Yes natural, but not the biggest or strongest, and Im not implying Hopkins was weak nor did he not face strong guys. Hagler was certainly as strong as Echols or Allen, but a 100 times better fighter and they gave Hopkins some problems back in the day.
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