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Default Re: Julio Cesar Chavez's most creditable win?

Originally Posted by la-califa View Post
The point you are referring to could be at the turn of the century, when Boxing still had it's rules & regulations finalized. Not only 15+ rounds, but also Bare nuckle & hitting an opponent as soon as he rises, neutral corner, ect. But since then the 15 round limit has been the Boxing standard, which mostly all of the greatest world champions have competed in. 12 round fights will always suffer in comparison to, what if's in regards to 15 round fights. And 15 round Champions of the past. Fairly or unfailrly, that's only for history to decide. But I understand the point you are making. In comparison if the 15 rounds limit had been instituted a little earlier. Jack Johnson might well have extended his title reign by a couple of more years. Imagine if Dempsey had to have challenged Johnson for the Championship?! That would have been something!
I fully understand, but by that same token one could - fairly or unfairly - choose to hold those 15-round era champions up to the standards of those who fought thirty-plus rounds in the prototype days of the modern version of the sport.
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