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Default Re: What did pre-Steward Lewis do better than post-Steward Lewis?

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
What was the biggest problem with Klitschko before Steward had him, he couldnt fight, he couldnt adapt to anything but a boxing match. Alot of these guys had no plan B, or werent complete fighters, and thats what Steward does, he prepares them and gives them the correct advice for whatever the opponent brings.
Personally I think Lewis was a horrible brawler, he was too tall and clumbsy and has giant feet. When boxing went out the window he still looked sloppy offbalanced and wobbly, but it was enough to get it done against the level of competition he was facing, but it was still somewhat calculated, something that I dont think it was as much, under his previous trainers, it was more raw and unthought.
As far as the Ruddock fight, yes that was a spectacular KO, but the main point Im trying to make is that Steward made him more consistent in his performances and got him away from certain things that exposed his vunerable chin.
Lewis looked great against Ruddock. Two fights later he didnt look so great against Bruno.
Lennox's fight with Mercer should answer any questions about his chin. Really under rated brawl, Mercer showed up to fight and is a big puncher but never even got close to seriously hurting Lennox despite him landing good shots. Ray is a hard guy to outslug but Lennox did it, showing he could "fight" when he needed to.
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