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Default Re: What did pre-Steward Lewis do better than post-Steward Lewis?

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
Are you people f*cking kidding me?? Lewis didnt have a good corner relationship with him?? Lewis himself will tell you exactly what Im saying about the Mercer fight as being a big turning point in his career. Without Steward yelling at him he would have lost that fight. He will also tell you without Steward he wouldnt have gotten as far as he did.
The proof is right there on film. If a cornerman keeps telling a fighter to do something he either can't or won't do, and the cornerman is visibly frustrated by his performance, that's not a good corner relationship.

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
With Correa in his corner, he looked horrible against Bruno and horrible against Mcall. He never had that kind of a performance again until late in his career after he accomplished so much.
That's not true, he had ****ty performances here and there under Steward in which he showed many of the same flaws or vulnerabilities as he did under Correa.

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
Big difference between Phil Jackson and Ray Mercer or Frank Bruno. Thats the point, Lewis was having a tough time with the better fighters.
As said, Ruddock was considered the best guy he fought for some time into his career and he blew him out, and that was one of his easiest wins. Conversely, Mavrovic was just supposed to be just a "warm up" for him and he looked like **** there. Other fighters like Briggs and an old Mercer weren't held in any higher regard than Ruddock or an old Tucker, and yet he struggled far more with the former under Steward than the latter under Correa.

In general, many of Lewis' best performances all through his career were against the better fighters he fought. His weaker performances, ironically, were often against fighters who weren't expected to trouble him, and that was true under both Steward and Correa.
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