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Originally Posted by Muchmoore View Post
It's amazing how deep the 90's was. Guy's like Mason were good fighters but never even legit top ten fighters for any significant period. I look at the top fighters from today and think that all of them would have their struggles with this guy.

Gary Mason is sort of an unknown though. Lennox was the only top end opponent he faced, other than that no real other names on his resume.
Well, he did face and beat Tyrell Biggs, but Biggs was firmly in the journeyman stage by then. It was a performance that was solid and workmanlike without being great in any way.

For me part of Mason's problem was that he was of the slow and ponderous variety; a fighter lacking imagination and the ability to improvise.
He was a monolith though, to his credit. Very tough and a good puncher.

But this is kind of what I was alluding to in another thread about the depth of the 90's. As mentioned, Mason was basically an unknown outside the UK, but he did possess some genuine ability. Same with Francesco Damiani over in Italy.
Both guys would be solid contenders today, for sure.
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