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Default Re: Larry Merchant vs Max Kellerman

Originally Posted by acb
I disagree.

First of all, I dont need some dry boxing 101 clinic from Larry when I watch the fights, thats what the ex-boxer-trainer is there for. And do you really learn anything from Max Kellerman, I mean is he really any better. How many more rounds has Kellerman boxed than Merchant. You guys are averting the issue by saying Larry does not teach anything about boxing, because neither does Max, and this thread is about wheter you want to see Larry or Max as the color person at HBO Boxing. This is a cheap shot, LENNOX LEWIS BARELY ELABORATES on the technicalities of boxing.

A color man like Larry is not there to give you tips on how to properly throw the cross. He is there to explain the larger context of the fight, how it fits into the equation of the sports history, how the fight plays into the lives of the respective boxers, what the impact of respective fights are to the larger fight game.

Larry is a journalist, not a Tae-Bo instructor. He is here to relate boxing to life, and vice-versa. And this he does excelently.

Funny I dont see criticism that Lampley doesnt explain on the technicalities of boxing. Oh thats right, thats no his job either.
But that’s a big part of the problem. Merchant does NOT put the fight in any larger context or give any (useful) perspective during the fights. He’s too busy expressing his disdain for the action in the ring, over talking the color man, or disagreeing with Harold Lederman.

Take the Baldomir-Mayweather fight for example. It was obvious to all observing the fight that in the middle rounds, PBF was beginning to hit Baldomir at will. Probably on his way to a mercy stoppage. It was also then reported during the fight that PBF hurt his hand, at which time he switched to jab and move mode, and STILL sweeps the last rounds of the fight. The crowd becomes disenchanted and some boo. PBF cruises to an easy victory, and maintains his potential payday with DLH.

Now, IMO, that is the context of what happened in that fight. And what does Merchant do? Even after PBF explains all this (at the start of the post fight interview), Merchant goes to the ‘is this style entertaining’ questions. And PBF, realizing this is a dumb@zz question, let’s Merchant have it.

How can this ‘historian’ frame what was happening in the ring for the fans in this manner? Did Merchant expect the smaller fighter (PBF) with the hurt-hand to slug it out with a bigger guy who’s never been KO’ed? Why even take the line of questions there? Better yet, why not, in his role as provider of ‘context’, express to the viewing audience that what Mayweather was doing in the latter half of the fight (popping and moving) was the smart thing to do under the circumstances and with what potential big fights were on the line. Why not list some other examples of ‘historic’ fighters with hurt hands having to do similar things (much like Sweet Pea did against Ramirez)?

THAT is what I expect from the guy who is supposed to provide ‘context’ to talk about. Where was the historical context? Instead, he took the easy, non-boxing literate way out. That’s not the work of a ‘historian’, that’s what a hack does.
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