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Default Re: Terry Norris fantasy fights

Simon Brown III- As pathetic as his performance was in the first fight, Norris proved that when he had his head on right he could have his way with Brown. He'd likely have done the same in a third matchup.

Julian Jackson II- Norris likely outboxes him for a longer portion than the first fight before being caught up in a barrage at some point and hurt badly. I can't see him fending off Jackson after that point.

Ike Quartey- Provided Norris is on his A game, I think he has too many tools for the one-dimensional Quartey. On the other hand, Quartey was a bull in his own right. Depends on the weight really. At 154 I'd favor Norris by comfy UD, at 147 Ike may put a hurting on him. All depends on how he deals with the weight

JCC Superstar at 147- Norris would likely outbox him to a pretty comfortable UD, provided that, as Rock said, the weight didn't effect him. Otherwise he might be too weak to handle Chavez's pressure and body attack.

Felix Trinidad- Like Jackson, I'd have to favor Tito to land a big barrage at some point and get Norris out of there. I just don't have the faith in Norris's chin to favor over the big punchers.

David Reid- Easy win for Norris.

The Pea that fought Vazquez- That version I think Norris would win a pretty handy decision over.

The Floyd that fought DLH- See above.

Kelly Pavlik at MW- I think Pavlik takes Norris out after being out-boxed early on.

Jermain Taylor at MW- Norris was a lot more talented than Taylor, but every bit as inconsistent and un-intelligent. Also, he'd be at a pretty distinct size disadvantage here. I'm going to go with Taylor by KO.

Prime Marvin Hagler-
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