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Default Re: Terry Norris fantasy fights

Simon Brown III.....Same as the rematch.

Julian Jackson II.....Would lose again but would last longer.

Ike Quartey.....Terry wins this one by a wide UD.

JCC Superstar at 147.....Terry gets the TKO victory very similar to the way Oscar did. But Terry beats Chavez in a pound for pound sense or head to head. Chavez is nowhere near Terry's level.

Felix Trinidad.....I hate to go against my childhood hero in Tito but I see Terry winning a unanimous decision, somewhere along the lines of 116-112 or 117-111.

David Reid.....Terry beats him easily.

The Pea that fought Vazquez......Terry by decision along the lines of 117-111.

The Floyd that fought DLH......Same as above.

Kelly Pavlik at MW.....Terry of the Simon Brown rematch beats Kelly by decision.

Jermain Taylor at MW.....Terry by unanimous decision.

Prime Marvin Hagler.....Hagler wins this fight.
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