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Default Re: 12 round limit, saved lives?

Originally Posted by TBooze View Post
Fighters of this era are not used to hard fights, they have it too easy on the way up and when things start getting rough, they lack the mileage of toughness needed.

If 15 rounders were brought back, fighters would need to prepare better, respect their weight etc... And by doing so, surely this would lead to less, not more injuries?
I do agree with this point -- a lot of fighters drain excessively and are not in their natural weight-class. I do disagree with the notion that toughness prevents braindamage -- it's precisely the tough fighters we love so much that usually end up paying the bill. Getting used to it is not a good thing from a medical standpoint.

That said, it's a slippery slope. Boxing, at its core, is damaging and unhealthy. We're always negotiating with our conscience when we implement these kinds of rules -- and the effect is always limited. Men will find a way to test their limits no matter what rules you give them -- they will adapt, and give their all.

I shudder when I think of Erik Morales having a 15-round career.
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