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Default Re: Floyd Patterson's comeback in the early 70's

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
I beleive he was, he was around 37 when he last challenged Ali and put up a spirited fight without ever really putting Ali in jeopardy.
I havent watched the fight for some years but I think Floyd sustained a badly swollen eye .I would think Patterson at that time was as good a challenger as Folley or Williams had been.Think it was a tko 7rds for Ali ,for the NABF title.
I only saw a few brief clips of his second match with Ali, and that was a number of years ago. So frankly, I can't comment on it. Floyd did however manage to stay very active, and I'm guessing was one of the better contenders around circa 1972. I've always wondered how he might have done against say, Joe Frazier.
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