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Default Re: Floyd Patterson's comeback in the early 70's

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
I only saw a few brief clips of his second match with Ali, and that was a number of years ago. So frankly, I can't comment on it. Floyd did however manage to stay very active, and I'm guessing was one of the better contenders around circa 1972. I've always wondered how he might have done against say, Joe Frazier.
I've seen very few HWs who looked as goodat 37 as Floyd did. He was trim, still at his prime weight, fast and pretty nimble. Not as fluid as he was at his best of course, but a very well preserved guy for his age. I haven't seen the fight against Bonavena, but if he could keep up with a bruiser like that (which he evidently must have done) his stamina must still have been good.

I would not have liked to see him against Frazier in the early 70's, though. That could really have ruined him. I think he went out in a very dignified way against Ali, without really taking a beating. Good way to end a terrific career.
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