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Default Re: Rocky Marciano or Jack Johnson who was the greater fighter?

Originally Posted by guilalah View Post
I'd like to be careful, here, that I don't make Moyle doesn't come across as a Langford fan-boy.
It is very clear, in Moyle's book, that Langford took a beatdown from Johnson in a one-sided contest. Moyle does assert that Sam occaisionally landed effective punches and that both were tired at the fights end; but he certainly admits that Langford received far more facial damage and did not land anywhere near as many punches as Johnson; and Moyle never asserts that Johnson was in any immenent danger of being stopped, just that he was shook on a few occaisions, but tied Sam up before it could develope into anything really problematic.
Thanks for the info.both Johnson at 185lbs and Langford at 156lbs were short of their respective peaks. Johnson had 38 fights up to then and Langford 50. Prime for prime it would have been one to watch, though I favour Johnson , by dec
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