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Default Re: Intelligent Pressure Is One Of The Biggest Fluke Concepts In Boxing...

Originally Posted by walk with me View Post
my point is who is to say its intelligent or not intelligent if either way it is successful... thats my point.... pressure is pressure but either you win or lose
There are different methods of applying it, just as there are different methods of applying any style. There are unorthodox fighters who've managed to step outside the boundaries of the textbook to make a style all their own, but they all have neccessary qualities which make them effective. Aaron Pryor was very unorthodox, but he was very difficult to deal with because of his speed, power, natural timing and accuracy, and the angles he threw punches at. His angles also made him a hard target to land on, even though they also left him exposed at times. Either way, he had an iron chin and unending stamina, so he was always a handful for anyone.
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