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Default Re: Intelligent Pressure Is One Of The Biggest Fluke Concepts In Boxing...

Originally Posted by walk with me View Post
yo stay off my **** you **** boy...

you been on my pipe since i entered this forum.... don't keep your smirk ****ing bull**** away dog honestly..

if you want to talk boxing ... lets talk boxing

if you want to hurl insults either pm me or shut the **** up
I just did talk boxing with you. I explained it in full, unfortunately your ignorance once again got in the way of you taking any of that in. Regardless of how you take what I said, what you displayed with this thread was incredible ignorance. Instead of just asking us to enlighten you, you completely write off the opinion's of not only informed fans, but trainers and boxing afficianados who understand the very clear difference. You don't understand, so you take that as a sign that there is nothing to understand, and that you hold all the answers. That, my friend, is ignorance.

Next time just ask.
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