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Default Re: Intelligent Pressure Is One Of The Biggest Fluke Concepts In Boxing...

Originally Posted by walk with me View Post
thats what im saying though.... there has been no perfectly unbeatable pressure fighter as far as i know...
OK, that doesn't mean there haven't been elite level intelligent pressure fighters, as opposed to highly flawed ones who've gotten by on the basis of their lackluster opposition.

thats why im saying either you have successful results with pressure or you don't.. but to try put pressure in compartments prior to a fight is stupid imo
Noone is saying there is only one correct way to do it. But there are right things to do and wrong things to do, a few of which I've layed out. Just as is the case with any style in boxing. You can win with unintelligent pressure depending on your other attributes and the level of your opponent, but at the highest level, you must have certain qualities in order to be effective.

if hatton beat floyd his pressure would have been great
if hatton lost (which he did) his pressure was stupid
He didn't win because his pressure was stupid. Against lower level fighters, he gets away with coming in wide open flailing his arms. Against Floyd, he gets check-hooked. Again, at the highest level, it depends on your methods. Not that there is any one set method of success, but it's very easy to distinguish between intelligent and unintelligent pressure. It's what makes it easier to tell how a young prospect will fare when he makes it to the top level, or if he'll make it there at all. Again, by saying pressure doesn't depend on your methods you're saying the same about every style, and that boxing is just a big free for all.

Your effectiveness depends on your method and how well you're capable of applying it.

you either are successful while using pressure
or unsucecssful
That is quite obvious. Your success at the highest level depends on your method, that should also be obvious.
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