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Default Re: Intelligent Pressure Is One Of The Biggest Fluke Concepts In Boxing...

Originally Posted by walk with me View Post
no you did... i understood what your saying

my response to that is

someone like margarito was a great pressure fighter even though he would get abused coming in... it didnt matter because he was going to boil your ass inside...

i just think to try to define good & bad pressure is bogus... you either have successful results with your pressure or you have unsuccessful results with your pressure

every pressure fighter is great at "applying pressure" until they lose... the day they lose they become bad at being a "pressure fighter"


who else can we use as examples? before you name any i feel like they will all be identified as great pressure fighters until they met a master class boxer...

i wish we could use more recent fighters..... but there arent too many pressure guys around right now

Okay, Margarito was a good pressure fighter but not an intelligent pressure fighter. Mosley used intelligent pressure vs Margarito though, in that it was a strategic play, a trap, in which Margarito fell right in. Cotto used intelligent pressure vs Mosley to negate his speed. DLH used intelligent pressure vs Trinidad and vs Floyd (although it collapsed with Floyd and Floyd regained control). I see intelligent pressure as using pressure but also negating your opponents strengths as you do so. I don't think intelligent pressure is a skillset but the perfect offensive strategy to be used against a particular opponent.
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