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Default Re: Applied Pressure Is One Of The Biggest Fluke Concepts In Boxing...

Originally Posted by walk with me View Post
Honestly... What The **** Is Intelligent Pressure? There Really is no such thing... either you apply pressure and have success or you apply pressure and you dont...

everyone always throws around this "intelligent pressure" term like there is some grand scheme...

when a fighter wins using pressure = intelligent pressure
when a fighter loses using pressure = bad job of applying pressure

I think the concept & the way people use this term is horrible
I think the more appropriate term is "effective pressure". "Intelligent pressure" seems to denote a higher learning, as if there is intelligence involved in it. Example, Tyson's bob and weave style of fighting in his prime is a very effective pressure because it negated his obvious disadvantage, which was size and reach, while at the same time maximized his obvious one which was power, The bob and weave allowed him to close distances against rangier and bigger opponent in order for him to throw his punches. But does that entail intelligence, probably or question mark, however, was it effective, definitely.

Another example, let us dissect Ricky Hatton's clinch , or grapple then punch technique. The technique actually negated his obvious deficiency which was technique or many call here as "sweet science" (another misnomer because definitely there is no science involved in it) while maximizing his obvious limitation which was his reach. Therefore, it was an effective technique or you could say an intelligent one because even though Hatton had limited skillset, he was so successful against 40 something opponenets.
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