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Default Re: Applied Pressure Is One Of The Biggest Fluke Concepts In Boxing...

No the OP is wrong as has been written.

You can win fights with unintelligent pressure and it is still unintelligent. Jesse Feliciano comes to mind. Getting hit many times to get your fewer shots off can win so, in the sense that winning is intelligent, ok, but we don't suddenly go.........."ah, that Mayorga, what a clever fellow, do you see how he carefully blocked those punches with his head, quite intelligently securing the win with his intelligent pressure"

You can lose fights and your intelligent pressure doesn't suddenly become stupid, however, maybe your over all gameplan was lacking.

nobody ever called Hatton's pressure intelligent and he won a lot of fights with it

its forcing the other guy to expend more energy than he wants to and forcing him out of his own gameplan without losing sight of yours, its gaining an advantage but its certainly not getting your brains smashed to bits in the could anybody call that intelligent ever when it makes you a moron for real!!
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