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Default Re: Applied Pressure Is One Of The Biggest Fluke Concepts In Boxing...

I dont know about intelligent pressure per say It's more there are certain fighters that are/were great pressure fighter you could argue they use intelligent pressure. I have standards as far as that goes they have to beat a great fighter using effective aggression or intelligent pressure or basically placing there shots well and landing there punches often. If a fighter goes in there against a universally known lesser opponent and destroys them that doesn't show me anything and proves nothing. I dont refer to it as intelligent pressure but here's what I think they mean by it a fighter that knows how to cut off the ring, places there shots extremely well, almost always is a world class in-fighter, has great timing with there punches, breaks down there opponent without getting blasted in the face a couple hundred times during the fight. Usually the fighters that they say apply intelligent pressure are boxer/punchers but rarely full on brawlers, however swarmers with incredible punch outputs few to none can match have often done incredibly well in boxing I wouldn't call that intelligent pressure but It's hard as hell to beat so you cant call it un-intelligent or in-effective.
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