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Default Re: The boxing equipment thread

I just bought the Title Classic Mexican Style Training Glove
I have to be honest in saying I haven't owned a whole lot of "real" boxing gloves, a lot of stuff I've bought has been typical walmart and modells everlast, but up until now, they are one of the best gloves I've ever had.

They are all leather and the outer skin feels very smooth and nice. They are comfortable and easy to make a fist on the inside. The thumb is kinda tucked in and at first i didnt like the way it looked, but its grown onto me lol and its much more comfortable to make a natural fist. The Hook and Loop wrist strap is elastic so it is VERY good and it can range from a loose slip on to super tight for top wrist protection and workout comfort. It even beats the so-called "superior" lace-up wrist comfort of my other glove.

The fact that they are "Mexican Style" seemed to turn off other reviewers i read on the web because of the fact that they might have insufficient padding by the knuckle area. I disagree with that; the glove has a solid 1 inch of padding all around the gloves and my hands have never felt more protected. Although the padding is slightly stiffer than my current sparring gloves(black, mystery brand 16 oz) its nothing thats going to change a sparring session. Im going to be using them for bag work anyway so i prefer a harder glove so it "strikes" and doesnt "mush" the bag.

In conclusion, these gloves are regularly 49.99 but they are currently on sale for 34.99, and sparring or bagwork, I dont think youll find a better deal under 35 dollars. I HIGHLY HIGHLY reccomend these gloves to anybody looking to buy good high quality gloves but dont feel like spending 100+ dollars for prestigious name brands.
Post questions if you want guys.

Effectiveness - 5/5 I use it for the bag so its a 5/5 for that. But it is a sparring glove i think and its good to spar with.
Style - 4.7/5 Looks like a traditional style boxing glove, which is the best style IMO, all leather for that authentic look and the logos dont overdo it. If you like camoflage, flames, skulls, etc., this glove isnt for you. My only slight complaint is the somewhat tucked thumb which isn't like the traditional gloves I like, however it is unique and very comfortable.
Durability - N/A Cant say cause I just got them but they seem to be very high quality.
Cost - 5/5regularly 49.99 but on sale for 35$. I think its the best you can get for 35 dollars.
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