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Default Re: Left Hook- palms down or facing inward?

Thank you RDJ

It tires me when I hear people say that you should throw a punch "this way because it gives more power". There is a big difference between throwing a punch in a certain manner repeatedly, and being able to throw that same punch when the situation requires you to throw it. All of the power in the world doesn't mean a s*** if you can't land. Accuracy is the key to every punch we throw.

Let me refer back to the Mayweather - Hatton fight. Floyd effectively sealed the deal with one of the sweetest check hooks we will ever see, but did Mayweather only throw check hooks throughout the fight? Of course he didn't! The variation in his attacks is what caused Hatton so much trouble, and this is why Floyd is arguably the best fighter of his generation.

I would also like to see someone tell Roy Jones that he is throwing hooks wrong when he lands 7 of them in quick succession.

Yes, I am pointing out two of the best in the game, but the point remains the same, which if something isn't working, you need to have the ability to tweak things slightly, and you can only do this if you have worked different variations in training - sparring is the perfect time to work on things like this.
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