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Default Re: Marciano Vs Dempsey

Originally Posted by he grant View Post
Ste, a first ... never , ever heard Marciano's style referred to as cute ...
You just do not appreciate the art of swarmers fighting from a crouch... dipping the torso at athletic unpredictable angles, slippng ducking punches by rolling around or bending out of range...always leaving his opponent off balance when he misses. Marciano knew how to fight short, it was a great strength of his. this is why the taller bigger fighters of future generations would have so much trouble with him. They never fought a smaller fighter with the style and tools of Marciano. They would find him terribly ackward, and hard to hit cleanly in that low crouch. It would cause them discomfort. Marciano would feel at home working his way inward and punching upwards, while unless they had a strong uppercut they didnt have much to offer punching down.

Angelo Dundee himself said "Charlie Goldman made Marciano into a cutie"
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