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Default Re: Ranking the Greats: your assistance please

Originally Posted by dpw417 View Post
Stonehands...Facinating idea.

You guys are all over this and I'm anxious to see what comes of it. Two of your classifications fall under more of a subjective nature 'Adversity Overcome' and 'Ring Generalship'. All the other rankings are objective which is great.

How many subcatagories do you have represented in Ring Generalship? Is it a ranking of each individual fighter's assets such as speed, strength, durability, counterpunching ability, etc.
I changed "Adversity Overcome" to "Character" and may rename it again to "Intangibles"...

The subcategories will be loosely identified, but I don't want to get too mathematical about it, and apply %s and all that. So, there will have to be a measure of subjectivity but at least I'll know it's informed...! Ring Generalship is level of skill, athleticism, adaptability/tactical ability and strategic capability. "Durability" is in its own, lesser category.

Does that sound fair...?
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